SCG Helps



S C G  H E L P S




SCG HELPS is a new ministry that was created to love and serve the people of seacoast. sometimes love looks like a home cooked meal, a quick fix around the house, a friend in the waiting room, or a much needed blessing in someone's life. it might be a fellow seacoaster, or even a close friend of someone at seacoast. ouR goal is to build community at seacoast by caring for those in need.




If you know someone that we could serve, please nominate them. Provide us a few details, and we'll be in touch shortly. While we can't help in every situation, we would love to connect with you, learn more, and help if at all possible. 




If you have a passion for serving others, then please sign-up to volunteer! Signing up gets you on our mailing list, and from there your level of involvement is up to you. If a need comes up that you'd like to help with, then all you need to do is say yes!