Send It

 Here at SCG, we believe that when we come to know Jesus, He changes everything for us.  When this happens, we begin to Live Differently as we learn to love and live like Him.  But if we stop there, we end up living in little holy bubbles.  Jesus didn’t change everything for us, just for us!  He changed everything for us so that we could join Him in His work of changing everything for everyone.  He called us to Send It!

When we Send It, we live in a way that looks a bit reckless to those who don’t know that we are tapped into the Ultimate Source of strength and power: God Himself.  He teaches us to live lives of sacrifice and service.  To be people who cannot help but share His Good News with everyone.   



As followers of Jesus, serving is not just something we do, it is a defining characteristic of who we are.  Jesus was a servant, and so are we.  We live differently by serving God, our families, our neighbors, and our church with all that we have and all that we are. Because Jesus has changed everything for us, serving is not simply an obligation, it is something we do with great joy.


Jesus has changed everything for us, and we just can’t help but tell other people about it!  As followers of Jesus, we understand that the only true answer to the problems our friends, families, and neighbors face is Jesus.  He left us with a job–to tell people about Him–and we’re gonna do it!


Followers of Jesus live differently in every area of their lives, but nowhere is it more apparent than in the area of our personal finances.  We recognize that every resource at our disposal belongs to God…we are just managers of HIS stuff!  Because of this we use everything He has blessed us with (ALL of our time, our talents, and our treasure) to live lives of sacrificial generosity.  He gave everything for us so we give everything for Him.


Send it is not just a sermon series. It's a key part of the vision we have for our church going forward. Knowing Jesus isn't just about us; we want to reach our friends, neighbors, and families with his good news. We will intentionally focus on serving, sharing, and sacrificing, not just for the next 5 weeks, but for all of 2024!

 You are the key. God has placed you so that you can have an impact. We want to partner with you. We want to prepare you. We want to empower you to SEND IT!

To do this we are asking you to do a couple of things with us:

 In fasting, we give up something good to focus our hearts and minds on God's best. We've attached a fasting guide to help you choose how you will incorporate this practice into your life. We are asking you to fast together with us from February 12 - March 3. Our focus as a community of believers will be to understand better what it means to serve, share, and sacrifice. JESUS CHANGES EVERYTHING: We want to give Jesus access to change these areas of our life too!


We have prepared daily devotions to help guide your thoughts and prayers during your fast. There is a printed booklet you can pick up in the lobby on the weekend of February 10/11, or you can download a printable version by clicking the button below. 

NEW! Are you more of a "podcast person" than a "book person"? We've got you! Introducing our Daily Devo Podcast! We've recorded each of our devos in an audible format, plus we've added brief discussion on the daily topic from our teaching team. Were pretty excited about it and are sure you are going to love it!








It is never too early to teach our children about spiritual disciplines and find ways to get them involved in pursuing faith.  Our Kids team has developed their own 21-Day Fast for our SCG Kids, complete with daily devos to get them participating alongside the rest of the family. Click the link below to download your copy. We encourage you to take some time to talk through it as a family and explain "why" we do this and decide what to fast from together.

Click here for kids fast + devo pdf