July 6/7

A Gay man’s incredible story of redemption

Becket Cook has a remarkable story of transformation by the gospel. Before becoming a Christian, he lived as a gay man in Hollywood as a successful set designer. His life centered around celebrity-filled Hollywood parties and he traveled to society hot-spots around the world — until a chance encounter with a pastor at an LA coffee shop one morning changed everything. His life was transformed in 2009 when he was invited to a church and came to faith in Jesus Christ. Becket now spends much of his time in ministry, speaking on the issue of homosexuality at churches, universities, and conferences. He has also authored a book titled A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption


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chris & stephanie teague
 JULY 13/14

 It’s never too late: How high school sweethearts rediscovered God and formed Christian duo "Out of the Dust" after painful divorce.

Out of the Dust is the name of this duo and the headline of their story. Husband-and-wife Chris and Steph Teague's story of downfall, divorce, and miraculous remarriage is woven deep into their artistry that has blossomed into a worldwide ministry. Acclamation for their music has allowed them to tour hundreds of cities nationally, share their restoration with millions globally and even receive features in media outlets such as Fox News, The 700 Club, and Family Life Today. Their story of God's redemption crosses the boundaries of age, gender and culture, resonating with anyone who's ever known loss or heartbreak. A songwriting catalog spanning multiple genres reveals that they are true lovers of music who are broken, healed and called to help others heal. With music as the platform, they continue to take steps of faith with contagious joy as they tour the country spreading the message of hope to a world desperately in need.


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July 20/21

 How Jesus rescued a New Age psychic from spiritual darkness.

Jenn was born in Jamaica queens NY, raised and grew up in Long Island, NY. An ex-psychic whose encounter with tarot card reading as a child led her on a journey into new-age practices and the occult is offering a dire warning about the “deception” and dangers she encountered.

Jenn Nizza spent years doing readings and communicating with what she believed were the dead loved ones of her clients — until she had an encounter with Jesus that changed everything. When she  was approaching her late thirties, she suffered a major physical trauma. In the heat of the moment, she cried out to Jesus, even though she had never known Him. After that, she  found herself disinterested in medium work, something in her had changed. 

Jenn put her faith in Christ as Lord of her life, and since then He has used her testimony to tell others about the dangers of the occult. She has written books and published videos online detailing her experiences to show others the depth of Jesus’ love and mercy.


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Mohamad Amin Faridi
 JULY 27/28

From jihad to Jesus : One day a slave to Islam and now a prince in the Kingdom of the Son of God! 

Mohamad Amin Faridi was born and raised in a devout Muslim family in the country of Iran. After years of faithfully following the Muslim faith, his goal ultimately became to be a martyr in Jihad. This all changed after a divine encounter with Jesus Christ in Iran. He made Jesus his Lord and Savior and started sharing the Gospel with fellow Iranians. As a result, he faced persecution and had to flee the country for his life. In 2012, he took refuge in America. Mohamad Amin is an effective communicator of his salvation testimony and uses it along with his knowledge of Islam to teach Christians how to fulfill the Great Commission among Muslims and unreached people groups. He has been interviewed by many Christian Television Networks such as, Daystar, CTN, CBN, 700 Club, and has spoken in various Churches and mission organizations across the US. He is the President of Iranian Christians International, which focuses on training and equipping Muslim background believers to reach the most unreached people groups among Muslims in the Middle East. He is the author of Forsaking My Father’s Religion. Mohamad Amin is an ordained minister and a graduate of Charis Bible College. He and his wife Susan have been married for ten years.


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Escaping a pseudo-Christian polygamous cult

Naomi Wright seemed like a pretty normal kid. Growing up, she lived in Western New York and went to a public school. But she had an unusual number of siblings—15 of them. She also had to wear long skirts, even in gym class, and her dad was rarely home. No one in Naomi’s middle-­class neighborhood suspected that her ­family belonged to a polygamist cult. Naomi is the daughter of a pseudo-Christian cult leader. She did not know this was the case until she was 28, from which point she has sought after truth with a questioning mind, adamant to never find herself so lost again.

Naomi holds a Master of Science in Social Work from the University at Buffalo (Summa Cum Laude), is licensed in the state of Colorado, and has a Master in Arts in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary. She is also founder and director of beEmboldened, a nonprofit ministry. beEmboldened exists for those impacted by religious trauma by providing support for the prevention of victimization and revictimization, creating a safe space to ask questions and to heal.


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